Join our Clergy

Join our clergy is possible for all, women and men living with a partner or not, whatever your country.

However, attention, our documents are currently only available in French and consecrations, require to be able to go to France.

For autonomy at the local level must be devoted Priest, resulting in a minimum of two trips to France.

Membership in a Masonic obedience is in no way, an obstacle.

The increase is, to the Bishops of the Clerics, Minor Orders and Major Orders.

Training, partly common with other Gnostic Church was established, the level of a Priest that can be achieved in several years, corresponding to a License of theology.

This training includes three aspects: spiritual formation, academic training and skills development.

All content offered, currently, in French, represents about 36,000 pages, about a hundred documents, including approximately 6000 pages in PDF provided by the Church itself, or forty documents.(See PDF below)

To ensure uniformity of training in all our clergy, all impétrants, even those who ask to join, whatever their level, will present a paper written analysis of each major and minor orders orders before integration within our church.

Those interested can apply to the Primate, to the following address: eglise.templiere.agj @

A pre-application file will be sent.

During integration, besides the Apostolic consecration new Clerics are anointed by a bishop, as the Knights of the Sword, with line of descent back to Hugh CAPET, they are also, by the line-Fabré Palaprat, as received "knights of the Temple of Jerusalem. "



Warning :

No priest or bishop of our church, or employee is compensated by it.

Ceremonies, no search is performed, the trunk is simply available for those who are willing and able to participate in the running of the Church.

A strict accounting, provision of Church leaders, is held by the head of the house.

50% of the amounts received are used for the operation of the House, the remaining 50% is paid to the association managing the Church worldwide.

In addition, each responsible for Houses agree in writing to abide by and enforce in his house, the operating rules of the church.

In case of non-compliance, it may be removed from office and at worst out of the church.

Additional important point :

In Gnostic Apostolic Templar & Johannite, the decision to perform an exorcism on individuals can be effective in addition to and after strong psychological testing done by professionals.

Permission to practice is then granted on a case by case basis, following a decision of the Grand Council of the Church and after running training, approved by the said Grand Council.